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If a student displays a behavior that is common and accepted within his/her cultural group, it should be viewed as “a difference” from the ways of the mainstream society that are promoted in the schools; Youngsters from non-mainstream cultural groups often possess cognitive styles that differ from those promoted in the schools. This mismatch can lead to misunderstandings, and culturally inappropriate interaction, assessment, instruction, or discipline. Could failure to match our teaching style to a student's culturally determined ways of learning, knowing, and expressing actually create an emotional and/or behavioral problem? The answer to both questions could very well be "Yes" Cognitive style, as used here, refers to the ways in which one acquires, processes/analyzes, and displays knowledge. They tend to be less competitive with their peers, and more sensitive to the reactions of significant adults (Park, Pullis, Reilly, & Townsend, 1994). Indeed, their performance is greatly influenced by the teachers' expression of confidence or doubt in their ability (Anderson, 1988). Educating Hispanic students: Cultural implications for instruction, classroom management, counseling, and assessment. Underachievement, poor self esteem, and misbehavior can result. These pupils may end up in special education programs, either because of mislabeling or because educators have "created" a learning disability or emotional and/or behavioral disorder. Cultural diversity, families, and the special education system.

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While these two types of learners do not differ significantly in cognitive ability, intelligence, or memory, they do differ in the strategies and types of material they incorporate most easily (Anderson, 1988; Harry, 1992; Ruble & Nakamura, 1972; Witkin, Moore, Goodenough, & Cox, 1977). Black children: Their roots, culture and learning styles. How this phenomenon occurs and how it can be prevented is addressed. Individuals approach problems in different ways, ask different questions, and ask those questions differently. Despite our individuality, commonalities in cognitive patterns tend to exist within and differ between cultures , but contrarily, can one's cognitive style be misinterpreted as a learning or behavioral disability? Combining visual literacy, text understanding, and writing for culturally diverse students. Culturally and linguistically different children are oftentimes misclassified as having a disability when none exists (Anderson, 1992; Argulewicz & Sanchez, 1983; Ford, 1992; Gersten & Woodward, 1994; Harry, 1992; Mc Intyre, 1994; Obiakor, 1992).

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Differences in cognitive style between teachers and students may result in learners being perceived as less competent than they truly are (Anderson, 1988; Gollnick & Chinn, 1990; Harry, 1992). However, the typical teaching style found in North American schools conflicts with the preferred manner of learning of field dependent children (Anderson, 1988; Curriculum Update, 1993; Harry, 1992).

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