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15-Oct-2017 13:48

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Wynn said she had a similar experience to actor Kristina Cohen, who alleged Monday in a lengthy status on Facebook that the actor assaulted her.

Westwick responded on Twitter saying, “I do not know this woman” and, “I certainly have never committed rape.” Keep up with this story and more Wynn wrote on Facebook: “I said no and he pushed me face down and was powerless under his weight.

The corporation is yet to publicly respond to the allegations facing Ed, a decision that several people have questioned on social media – especially after the official BBC One account tweeted a promotion for Ed’s upcoming show just hours after Kristina’s claims came to light.

Sharing a photo from ‘Ordeal By Innocence’, @BBCOne tweeted: “First look image: @Ed Westwick and Eleanor Tomlinson in Agatha Christie’s #Ordeal By Innocence. ”The message was immediately met with backlash from fans, who also took to the social media site to share their outrage: Last night, Aurélie Wynn – who was previously known by her stage name Aurelie Marie Cao before giving up acting – took to her Facebook page to accuse Ed of raping her in 2014, saying that Kristina Cohen’s public allegation earlier this week gave her the strength to come forward with her own story.

Without you I would not have had the strength to speak up publicly about my ordeal,” she wrote.

UPDATE: Ed Westwick has responded to Tuesday's rape allegations with an Instagram post that says: "I do not know this woman.

When it was over I got my cellphone and found that the girl that had invited me had left or got kicked out.

actor was accused earlier this week of having sexually assaulted Kristina Cohen at his home three years ago, and her confession has inspired Aurélie Wynn - who was previously known by her stage name Aurelie Marie Cao before giving up acting - to come forward with her own accusation.

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