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31-Dec-2017 23:46

Racist comments she never made were attributed to her.

Posts listed her professors’ e-mail addresses, instructing readers to tell them about Mayer’s “sickening racist rants.” Someone set up a Twitter account in Mayer’s name that claimed she fantasized about rape and rough sex. Mayer could not even guess the identity of the posters.

Sites appeared with names like “Anna Mayer’s Fat Ass Chronicles” and “Anna Mayer Keeps Ho’Ing It Up.” Posts warned that “guys who might be thinking of nailing” her should know about her “untreated herpes.” A post said, “Just be DAMN SURE you put on TWO rubbers before ass raping Anna Mayer’s ST diseased pooper!

” Posters claimed that she had bipolar disorder and a criminal record for exposing herself in public.

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Victims’ sites are forced offline with distributed-denial-of-service attacks.After graduation, she secured a one-year fellowship with a non-profit organization.

For the season one finale, there was a sequel episode, "That Seed of Kurtis, aka Fathers is Just Another Word for Motherf****r", where That Frog Kurtis' son, Brother Minister That Bastard Kurtis, plans on using Black Dynamite's father Reverend Daddy Dynamite for revenge.… continue reading »

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